• Michael Howe

    I am a professional union tile/marble installer and have been for 20 years.After the first 4 years of my apprenticeship having tried virtualy EVERY kneepad available I decided it was time to buy at that time the only hi-end kneepad available,I loved them and was a loyal customer for 16 years. My latest pair was getting old and it was time to replace them. While searching the internet trying to find the best price I stumbled upon the k2s,I was really interested the second I saw the design, I did further research and decided I was going to give them a try,I have had the k2s for a month now and am truly at a loss for words to describe how amazing these kneepads are,every detail you can tell the were designed by someone who has spent a lot of time working on their knees.like I’ve stated I was more than happy with my last pair and had no problem justifying the $260 pricetag,that is until I put on the k2s,they are lighter,more durable,easier to clean,better to walk in and more comfortable by leaps and bounds. Knee pads are THE most important tool I have,these are the best period,I’m not only satisfied I am completely amazed with every detail of these! All that said I will never go back to my former kneepad,there really is only one choice,the price is better and the comfort is not even comparable. Congratulations k2s on a nothing short of brilliant design,well made,amazing product. I sincerely thank you for making my job so much easier and more comfortable.My back and knees feel better at the end of the day than they EVER have.

  • Testimonial from Bob Essis from Essis and Sons Flooring